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The Arik Brothers are Keeping a Family Tradition Going with Their Store Happy Jewelers

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Gabe and Daniel Arik began working in their father’s jewelry manufacturing and wholesale business when they were seven years old. Now, after opening their own store, Happy Jewelers, in Fullerton, CA in 2000 they represent the second generation of a family-owned business. In an interview the brothers related, “Although much has changed over the years, our basic philosophy has not. We continue the family tradition of providing the same superb quality, customer service, value, and level of care. We hand pick each diamond and source gemstones and precious metals from quality suppliers, because we demand the best, allowing us to offer unsurpassed quality at wholesale pricing, direct from our factory to you.”

The brothers were born in Istanbul and were taught the importance of working hard toward that which you wish to obtain. Gabe still remembers his days as a child going to the bazaar on weekends selling water for a nickel. He says, “I had a business mindset at a very early age, and I was very determined and worked hard and I filled a need at the bazaar by bringing fresh water to people. I sold it for a modest wage, and realized at that time, that helping people, by filling a need, would translate into success.” The success he envisioned has truly come to fruition. Their clientele now includes the likes of Cody Garbrandt, Clayton Kershaw, Chase Young, Jon Pardi, Gabourey Sidibe, Gulinanna Rancic, and Lauren and Chris Lane, among others.

Despite the increased popularity of their store, the brothers have created a unique atmosphere for any customer that comes through their store. We firmly hold that “We want everyone to have a happy, stress-free shopping experience, whether you’re buying a $200 piece or $200,000 piece of jewelry. We treat every customer the same.” Happy Jewelers has become most known for their custom engagement rings, even though they offer a wide variety of jewelry, custom pieces, and luxury watches. Finally, Gabe also revealed how they can provide such highly valued products at wholesale pricing saying, “We own our own manufacturing facility, so we control the quality, timing and pricing. We do not go through a third party to have our pieces made. All our pieces are made by our team only.” This streamlined approach along with their family value, that drives them to treat their team and customers as if they were walking into their own home, has kept their business growing and customers fully satisfied.

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