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3 Actionable Ways to Build a Great Team, as Shared by Kinan Salameh

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There are many factors that are out of your control as an entrepreneur, but you have control over hiring. Building an effective team will determine the success of your business. According to Kinan Salameh, there are two parts to this; first, you need to hire the right people then coalesce them into a great team.

Kinan Salameh is a serial entrepreneur who is in marketing, events, real estate, and Promi-consulting. He is the managing director o six different companies and specializes in building teams to scale businesses. From his experience in business, here are his three actionable tips to help you build an efficient team.

  • Create Relationships

An effective team needs to be on the same page and how they relate to each other. To move forward unabated, the team should have a strong relationship. Kinan Salameh explains that to achieve this, you need first to regard each member as an individual and their contribution and then create teams that will work well together. Various people are best suited for different activities; it is important to figure out who fits where. To create these relationships, you need team building and bonding activities.

  • Leadership

A unit is only as efficient as its leader, says Kinan. Therefore, you need to be an effective leader. This means leading from the front during individual and team activities. Kinan further explains that the leader should contextualize the team’s contributions, define their goals, and lay the ground rules for each activity. It is also your responsibility to inspire and motivate the team, accentuate team achievements, and better communication within the team. Kinan states that the efficiency of your team begins with you.

  • Take ownership

This simply means taking ownership of tasks. Building an effective team means that everyone takes ownership of their duties. The team manager should ensure the team is functioning like a well-oiled machine. Kinan also adds that the team as a whole should take ownership of the work they do; this helps them feel recognized for their work. This also snowballs into individuals within the team. Even with team goals set, it is essential to have individual goals in order to support the team’s bid for success.

With the above three ways, you’re well on your way to building great teams like Kinan Salameh!