Fireman Protests Mandatory Vaccinations At Rally In California

Local firefighter (left) speaks out against vaccine mandates. Screenshot. Twitter @VenturaReport.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura filmed a Los Angeles firefighter speaking out against the vaccine mandate Saturday at a protest held in Santa Monica, California.

“After the worst time of COVID, after the largest, most deadly spike, downturns in death, my employer—a governing body—is deciding to mandate a rushed vaccine,” the firefighter said at the “No Vaccine Passport Rally.” “Not only that it will be mandated, but it’s a condition of my employment. We’ve gone from essential frontline worker to next on the chopping block.”

“Such times of uncertainty really forced me to really think and examine my surroundings,” he said. “The job that I love—the job that I poured my heart and soul into—is being threatened. Anything that gets put into my body is my choice. I refuse. I do not comply. I’ve thought long and hard about this and this has become my definitive line in the sand, and I know when I say this I’m not alone. There are many more that feel this way and they just might be scared or not know how to say it.”

“Please understand this is worth fighting for,” he added. “I won’t quit. I will not stop fighting. I’m willing to sacrifice everything—my beliefs, my moral fiber, my family, my livelihood, the country that I love. Everything I’ve ever worked for in my life is being threatened and that I will not sit idly by and take. I refuse.”

Amy Bohn, executive director of Protection of Educational Rights for Kids, spoke about how the L.A. City Council could pass a law that “would segregate those who are vaccinated from those who are unvaccinated.” (RELATED: ‘Require It’: Biden Tells Private Companies To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations)

“That vaccine verification system…is the gateway to vaccine passports,” she said.

Another speaker, a 42-year-old Marine veteran, said he would “rather die in freedom than live in tyranny.”

“You take away choice, you take away the republic … I want to control what goes into my kids’ brains and I want to control what goes in their veins, and we should have the right as Americans to do that.”