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Kyle Dendy Has Helped Thousands of Artists Tell the Story Behind Their Music

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Every music artist feels they have a story that needs to be told, and they try to convey that story through their songs. What many artists forget about is the fact that music released on streaming platforms is only one facet to their brand and one facet to a listener really understanding who the artist is. It’s one thing to have an amazing voice or sound, but as an artist it’s also your responsibility to make sure you position yourself as someone worth listening to. When people scroll through Spotify or Apple Music, they have a myriad of choices concerning who they’ll listen to, and your brand and image play a big role in that choice being you.

This is why so many artists trust Kyle Dendy to help them build an elite online presence and tell the story behind their music. They focus on their music while Kyle helps them with their image. In representing the artist, Kyle and his team are able to learn about the artist’s entire road to where they are right now. This story is then converted into multiple mediums like social media posts, media features, social media ads and more. The goal is to create a level of omnipresence for the artist.

Consider this scenario for example. You browse through Netflix and find a new show that just came out yesterday. It’s so new that only the first episode has been released. No matter how good the episode is, you can only get sucked into that show so much. Consider another scenario, then, where you scroll through Netflix and stumble across Friends or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air for the first time ever. Even if the first episode isn’t the best in the world, there’s enough episodes and seasons for you to fall in a rabbit trail of letting Netflix “play the next episode.” You might even start looking up the characters on Google to find out where they are now. The brand is omnipresent to the point where followers can become fans.

It’s the same way with music. If your song is great, but there’s no more content for followers to absorb on Google, YouTube, interviews etc, someone may even become a fan but it will be difficult for them to become a devoted follower. “Most people may not find you organically on Spotify just because you make good music,” said Kyle. “We try to help our clients show up where their potential listeners are, even when that’s off of the streaming platform. I want my clients showing up in Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, online publications, magazines etc. I want them to achieve omnipresence.”

If you are a music artist, it’s time to consider how you can develop omnipresence online. This isn’t just about music but rather achieving such a presence that someone feels like they know you even if they just follow you.

You can learn more about Kyle and his work with music artists in his latest article in Forbes.

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