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William McGirr On The Importance of Incorporating Yin-Yoga Into Daily Life

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William McGirr (@william_mcgirr) is a holistic healer, and the founder of Two Peacocks (@twopeacockss), an alternative wellness studio based in Manitoba, Canada, focused on reiki and healing. But before he became a Naturopathic practitioner, McGirr says he experienced numerous difficulties in his life. In order to overcome them, he says he decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection with the Earth. This is when he learned how to face himself, says McGirr, growing personally and spiritually, eventually becoming a respected speaker and healer.

“I am a Teacher, Speaker, Influencer of my Truths. I wish to see all beings happy, the Earth healing. I’m trying to help more children connect with nature and to teach humans how to be empowered by their own ambitions. I am here to serve everyone and everything for my evolution depends on it, and this is what truly makes me happy,” McGirr says.

McGirr has helped transform the lives of thousands of people by teaching them how to start their self-discovery and self-love journey. He believes the best way to begin a holistic healing journey is by incorporating yin-yoga into daily life.

What is Yin-Yoga?
Unlike commercialized yoga, yin-yoga is a restorative practice with slow movements that target deep connective tissues in the human body. William McGirr says what makes yin-yoga unique is that it allows a person to release their trapped emotions by accessing the deeper connective tissue.

Many yogis describe yin-yoga as “food for the soul,” saying it provides an emotionally therapeutic release. The poses are said to stimulate the meridian points and relieve blockages in the subtle body – the part of the mind and ego that control the physical body.

Out of all yoga practices, yin-yoga is said to be the most intimate one, allowing the practitioner to cultivate an awareness of silence, to truly be present in the moment, and to connect with their inner self.

Benefits of Yin-Yoga
Yin-yoga comes with many of the same physical benefits that traditional yoga practices offer, says McGirr, such as increased muscle strength, energy, and improved overall athletic performance. Since yin-yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues, it boosts circulation around the joints and drastically improves flexibility.

But, more importantly, says McGirr, yin-yoga comes with a myriad of emotional and spiritual benefits. A consistent yin-yoga practice can help build mental focus and clarity, he says, adding it can also allow yogis to through each day with a stronger body and calmer mind.

“Yin-yoga can help you detoxify and evolve your internal landscape. Witness the fluidity of energy return to your body, mind, and spirit as dictated by universal law, simply by incorporating this practice in your life,” McGirr says.
McGirr encourages those looking to embark on a spiritual journey or in need of holistic healing for their body and soul to incorporate yin-yoga in their lives. Unsure where to start? Follow William McGirr on Instagram and join the #FreeYourPeacock movement! William McGirr frequently shares motivational content on his social media, providing spiritual guidance to those in need.

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