Reporter Braces Against Stormy Weather From Hurricane Ida During Live Broadcast. The Guys Behind Him Steal The Show

Screenshot. Twitter @realDerekUtley.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A man cartwheeled behind a live broadcast of a Weather Channel meteorologist nearly toppling over due to stormy weather coming from Hurricane Ida on Sunday.

Wearing a blue T-Shirt and jeans, the man quickly cartwheeled during the middle of meteorologist Jim Cantore’s live shot and then jogged away while Cantore, wearing a windbreaker and baseball helmet, struggled to stand and steady himself against the wind. (RELATED: NBC News Reporter Nearly Gets Toppled Over By ‘Monster’ Storm Ida During Live Broadcast)

Another man in an orange T-Shirt sporting a backpack also cartwheeled behind Cantore. It’s not clear if it’s the same man in another outfit.

The National Weather Service reported there will be several dangerous storm surges throughout the morning of Monday, Aug. 30, from Grand Isle, Louisiana to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Damaging winds will continue to spread near the eye of Hurricane Ida into the southwest part of Mississippi, likely causing “widespread tree damage and power outages,” the National Weather Service said.

President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Louisiana Friday when Tropical Storm Ida was upgraded to a hurricane. The White House’s press release ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to coordinate disaster relief efforts.

The city of New Orleans issued a “mandatory evacuation” Friday for parts of the city and a “voluntary evacuation” for other parts, explaining that Hurricane Ida could bring 11-foot surges in certain areas.