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TrustMySystem On The Importance Of Bouncing Back And Picking Your Game

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In life, and especially in business, experiencing setbacks is almost always a guarantee. Entrepreneurship can be frightening enough as it is, and has been particularly so during the Covid-19 pandemic, when so many industries have been dealt serious blows. It is possible, however, to bounce back from these setbacks with a positive attitude, and a sound business plan.

TrustMySystem is a true testament to overcoming challenges, as exemplified when the founding brothers, Zain and Farhaz Kheraj chose to leave their stable day jobs to embark on an industry that few people really knew about. The success they’ve obtained with their sports consulting firm is a great example that it is possible to overcome setbacks.

Everything Starts with Analytics

The Kheraj brothers did not take leaving their jobs at Berkshire Hathaway, and Deloitte lightly. They analyzed every other sports consulting firm they would be pitting themselves against in order to pinpoint weaknesses. In doing so, the brothers chose to use transparency as a foundation for their own company, as they found it rare for a firm to post not only wins but also losses.

Unlike other companies, TrustMySystem doesn’t make the false promise of consistently favorable odds. Instead, the company posts both their wins, and their losses on its Instagram – gaining client trust through their dedication to transparency.

It’s the Way You Bounce Back

With absolute transparency comes the hard truth that, “you win some, and you lose some,” but TrustMySystem won’t dwell on this. Instead, they bounce back full force. By owning their failures and offering complete transparency to their clients, TrustMySystem builds deeper trust, and works to offer clients even more advantages than other sports consulting firms, with their sports consulting packages.

When the industry took a hard hit during the pandemic, the Kheraj brothers could have called it quits and found another corner office in some high-profile consulting firms – but they didn’t. Instead, they turned their focus to building their company into an even more successful sports consulting firm than it was previously.

Picking Your Game

TrustMySystem offers sports consulting for every sport, including MLB, NFL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and more. When signing up for a sports consulting package, all straight picks are included. Once you pick your package, the plays are sent to you anywhere from ten hours, to as short as 30 minutes prior to game time.

TrustMySystem sends out plays via text message, e-mail, or iOS/Android application, and plays can even be sent internationally. Although the company tries to deliver positive outcomes, there is never a 100% guarantee. Analytical evaluations are done before consulting with clients, and those who stick to the script, and the management system step-by-step have typically seen favorable outcomes.

With total transparency, TrustMySystem and the Kheraj brothers are changing how sports consulting is delivered to clients – one sports consulting package at a time.