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How Justin Brenner Has Made A Momentous Mark in the Advertising World

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Modern-day advertising is as complex, competitive, and skyrocketing as it has ever been. With the roaring success of digital advertising, the world of advertising looks a lot more complex, colorful, and difficult to penetrate. Even with the abounding challenges that the advertisement business faces, Justin Brenner has come out a winner and is currently proving how his ad agency, Ignite Your Brand, can ultimately succeed while still keeping the quality of their client relationships top-notch.

Brenner was a perfectionist from the start, a trait that is incredibly useful in the world of advertising. Brenner joined the military in 2002, where he developed the attitude that helped make him who he is today. Brenner’s perfectionism was passed down to him by no one other than his father.

Ten years ago, Brenner started working in digital marketing as an affiliate with his friend. After working in this role, Brenner realized that his marketing agency was indeed going to be performance-oriented as opposed to being a retainer-based marketing agency. He aligned his agency’s goals and success with the success of his clients.

As a leader himself, Brenner acknowledges the crucial role leaders play in the industry and what traits matter most when being a leader. Brenner’s deep-rooted belief that attention to detail, commitment, and deeply caring for your clients and projects are the way to succeed and build a lasting and trustworthy relationship with your clients. Starting Ignite Your Brand was a turning point in his life; moving from a regular job to working for yourself is never an easy task.

Brenner is also a believer in aligning your core values with your clients, which yields the best results in terms of profits and a lasting relationship. With more and more ad agencies flooding in, Brenner has kept these core values close, and Ignite Your Brand’s success shows that his way works. Brenner’s performance-driven strategies differentiate his agency from others, who often end up investing time and resources in ideas and a vision that is theirs and not their clients’.

Brenner considers his clients as partners, and by adopting his performance-driven strategy, it makes the client trust him. After all, their success is Brenner’s success.

Brenner’s agency, Ignite Your Brand, has partnered with 10+ figure brands. These are the Super Bowl companies, and working for them is every ad agency’s wildest dream. Along with that, Brenner has individual certifications such as Google Ads App, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Analytics, and a lot more. The list, however, does not end there because Brenner’s agency also has its own certifications, such as being a Facebook Partner, Google Partner, Verizon Media Native Certified Partner, and many others.