Joy Reid Claims That Republicans Want COVID ‘Pumping Through’ Their ‘Veins’

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MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed Wednesday night that Republicans “love” COVID-19 and want it “pumping through [their] veins.”

“We begin tonight with a message to Republicans,” Reid said.Okay, we get it! COVID is the precious and you love it.”

She said that Republicans want COVID-19 to spread everywhere, including in schools, stores and bars.

“You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships and at the club,” Reid continued.That great spongy ball with the red spikes, you want it pumping through your veins with an ivermectin chaser.” (RELATED: ‘See You In Court’: Republican States Say They Are Reviewing All Legal Options On Biden Vaccine Mandate)

The MSNBC host called Republicans “weirdos” because “everyone else” except for them “hates COVID.”

“Why do you love it so much? We have absolutely no bloody idea,” she added. “But here’s the thing, you weirdos. Everyone else hates COVID.”

Democrats have repeatedly criticized Republicans for pursuing more lax policies related to COVID-19. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been targeted for not implementing lockdowns in Florida and clamping down on mask and vaccine mandates.

Many Republican officials oppose President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate and have threatened a variety of actions against it, including lawsuits. The mandate requires vaccination for all federal employees and contractors and also mandates vaccination or weekly testing for employees who work for businesses with 100 or more workers.