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Jackson Lintz On Why Social Media Has Become An Integral Part Of Our Lives

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There is no more divorcing business and technology. No matter the size of your company, technology brings a myriad of benefits that will improve your business operations and, in turn, increase your revenues.

COVID-19 bolstered the impact of technology in business, as even traditional, brick and mortar companies had to ramp up their technical know-how to reach and appeal to their audiences at a time when the pandemic forced the world into a standstill.

If you are still trying to learn how to increase your business’s digital offerings, it might be worth taking a page out of the HighKey company playbook and bringing in someone with various technical skills. Last year, HighKey founders Jordan and Luke Lintz teamed up with their younger brother, Jackson Lintz.

Jackson applied his passion for coding and business to scale the HighKey brand. His expertise has significantly helped manage HighKey Agency, which offers full-service press packages, professional websites, and SEO services to help clients reach new heights in their online branding.

“After high school, I worked on my skills and created personal programming content for HighKey,” says Jackson. “I was able to apply my specialized knowledge to lead HighKey Agency’s technical offerings by building websites with my team that generated great sales.”

The impact of Jackson’s tech-savvy on the family business was palpable. After reaching the seven-figure revenue milestone last year, HighKey Agency is now looking at breaching eight figures, much like the other companies in the HighKey group. As the website manager for HighKey Agency, Jackson Lintz is the driving force behind the success of this branch of HighKey.

The Lintz brothers plan to take HighKey’s offerings to the next level by introducing a cryptocurrency called HighKeyCoin. Jackson is bullish on cryptocurrency and blockchain, making him the obvious choice to lead the company’s venture into the crypto space.

“Heading the HighKeyCoin project is something I’m excited about because technology and business are my most passionate interests,” says Jackson Lintz.

Like his brothers, Jackson believes that it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrency becomes the new universal currency. For the latest partner in the HighKey group of companies, Jackson’s ability to look far into the future is a manifestation of his expertise.

For companies that are still trying to get their technical offerings off the ground, hiring someone like Jackson is a good place to start. If you need to start smaller, Jackson says keeping up with current trends and getting into a new area first is the best way to have a successful business.

“HighKey Clout started as one of the first celebrity giveaway companies, allowing us a competitive edge to explore things other companies had yet to discover,” says Jackson Lintz.