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Work Harder Until Your Role Models Are Your Partners – Carter Jamison

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Stories of younger individuals catching up to and even surpassing their idols are commonly seen in different industries. In boxing, a young Manny Pacquiao idolized Oscar De La Hoya years before he sent him to retirement. In Hollywood, actors like ‘Shang-Chi’ star Simu Liu often get the chance to eventually share the screen with their childhood idols. In the world of business, Amazon founder and world’s richest person Jeff Bezos named investing mogul Warren Buffett  as one of his greatest role models. Buffett has recently jumped on a partnership with Amazon after calling passing on the company one of his biggest regrets.

Although this passing of the torch can be said to be a natural consequence of time as old makes way for new, younger generations often have to maximize their advantages to seize their futures to the fullest. Nowhere are these advantages more apparent than in business, where new generations often come with radical ideas that take over the industry to become the next big thing.

Gateway Giveaways’ owner Carter Jamison is one such example of a young entrepreneur taking the business world by storm. At just 18 years old, Carter has established three highly successful tech startups specializing in online marketing and currently employs a team of 56 people from his senior high school. Carter’s business and his clients have grown rapidly due to his giveaway growth model and experience in social media marketing, with Carter and his team now having to use 13 phones to manage millions of online followers for over 200 clients.

Carter Jamison’s advice for fellow young entrepreneurs is simple: shoot their shot, reach out, and work harder until their role models are their partners.

“A huge part of reaching your dreams involves not giving up and drawing inspiration from your role models,” Carter says. “It’s not realistic to achieve everything you want overnight, but having a clear picture of what you’re aspiring to be really helps.”

Continuing this mindset, Carter plans to launch two new apps in the coming weeks and is on track to reach $1 million a month in profits within the next five years.

When asked if his age has ever prevented him from breaking his targets, Carter says he views his young age as an advantage, rather than a hurdle. After all, the young are more suited to utilize and adapt to the newest fields and technologies. Their liberality allows them to be more open to new innovations—to break the mold and replace established concepts with their own ideas. Last but certainly not least, the young naturally have less to lose and more energy to pour into every new venture.

Today, the use of social media in marketing is proving to be the future of the industry, with young players like Carter Jamison again in the forefront. This relatively new technology is unmatched in the speed and scale of its reach, and young entrepreneurs are unsurprisingly the best-equipped to take advantage. As such, it should only be a matter of time before Carter and his contemporaries emerge as viable partners to those they used to look up to.