MSNBC Host Says CNN’s Van Jones And ESPN Anchor Sage Steele May Be Black, But They Aren’t ‘Black Voices’

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MSNBC host Tiffany Cross said Saturday that CNN’s Van Jones, ESPN anchor Sage Steele and former MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson may be black but they “are not necessarily black voices.”

During a monologue on “Cross Connection,” Cross took aim at Jones, Steele and Watson, alleging they do not speak for the black community.

“Okay, Carlos Watson, Sage Steele, Van Jones. What do these three folks have in common? Well, they’re all people who’ve been prompted up by wealthy or powerful white Americans, and yet we, the keepers of the culture, don’t really rock with any of them like that,” Cross said. “Now obviously, the three of these folks are most definitely black faces. However, they are not necessarily black voices. And there’s a difference.”

Cross pointed to Steele’s “half-witted, self-hating remarks” during a recent interview on “The Uncut with Jay Cutler” during which she said former President Barack Obama “chose” black as his race. (RELATED: Biden Says Interviewer In ‘You Ain’t Black’ Exchange ‘Was Being A Wise Guy’)

“If they make you choose a race, she’s like ‘What are you going to put?’ And I go, ‘Both.’ And she’s like, ‘well, you can’t,'” Steele recounted. “She goes, ‘Barack Obama chose black and he’s biracial.’ And I’m like, ‘Congratulations to the president.’ That’s his thing. I think that’s fascinating considering his black dad was nowhere to be found and his white mom and grandma raised him, but hey, you do you. I’m gonna do me.”

Steele was later reportedly suspended for her comments.

“That is undoubtedly a black face, whether or not she knows it,” Cross said, claiming Steele was “spewing … nonsense.”

Cross then referred to Jones as “Jeff Bezos’ black friend” while appearing to criticize Bezos’ donation of $100 million to Jones to give to charity while juxtaposing Jones’ seeming compliment of former President Donald Trump. Jones, however, has been an outspoken critic of Trump.

Cross then criticized how white people donate money to people who are “not invited to the cookout” like Watson and Jones rather than donating money to other platforms geared toward the black community.