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Coaching Expert and CEO Ajit Nawalkha Tells Entrepreneurs How to Get the Most Out of a Professional Coach

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Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder and CEO at Evercoach, the leading business coaching and training company in the world. He is a coaching expert and the author of three business coaching books: The Book of Coaching, The Business of Coaching, and Live Big. The successful coach has been the secret to the success of numerous companies guiding them to scale to 50 million and beyond. Ajit has also invested in multiple talent streams with an approach that focuses on people and not profits.

Throughout his career, Ajit has maintained that coaching is the key to success in the high-paced modern business environment. He believes that through coaching, companies and businesses can empower and build the most out of their employees. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from business coaching from either their mentors or any expert in their field to succeed. Essentially, Ajit believes that walking into a professional business coaching class should guarantee that you improve your business skills and equip you with new ideas to keep you improving.

However, it strikes him that most entrepreneurs don’t know how to get the most out of a professional coach. Ajit argues that entrepreneurs are by far business leaders, and they need to absorb what they’re getting out of their regular leadership coaching experiences and translate the same to their workforce.

According to Ajit, you need to invest all your attention into what the professional teaches you to ensure a more successful outcome. It’s one of the key secrets the most successful people, leaders, and titans have- a good coach behind their success.  He says you can only attain this by ensuring you keep an open approach. This includes having an open mindset about your abilities, needs, and potential challenges. Ajit says that most professionals will doctor their programs according to the business information you give them, so you need to be honest. Ajit says the basis of a professional coaching session is rooted in the entrepreneur’s willingness to be vulnerable with the business coach. Also, you will get the most when the coach is fully invested in the session.

To Ajit, you don’t want to get into a professional coaching session without any clear objectives of what you want to benefit from. He adds that this will involve setting goals and touching on key areas you want the professional to address. Remember, the expert may not be aware of all your wants, and it’s on you to speak out to help your coach come up with an insightful way of addressing your issues practically.

Ajit also states that a good professional coach will challenge you to think outside the box. As an expert in the field, he believes that some of the questions can be powerful and may lead you to a quick self-evaluation test. But Ajit says that the key is not to intimidate you but rather challenge you to look beyond your comfort zone. He adds that you should understand that everything the coach touches on is meant to better you, so be ready to push your limits.

Also, Ajit can’t seem to stress enough the need to implement the lessons and your key insights. Sometimes, it may be one or two realizations that you need to move the needle in your business, relationship, or your life.  You don’t want to come out from a coaching session and leave everything in your notepad. He insists on the need to build on what you take away from the session to drive your goals and ambitions.