‘You Should Resign In Disgrace’: Tom Cotton Unloads On AG Garland

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Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton unloaded on Attorney General Merrick Garland as he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning, calling for him to “resign in disgrace.”

Garland defended himself before the Senate Judiciary Committee about a press release issued by his office on Oct. 4th that called for the federal government to get involved in any “immediate threat” of violence against school board members, teachers or administrators.

Decrying his testimony as “shameful,” Cotton expressed gratitude that Garland was not on the Supreme Court and urged the former judge to resign from his current position in disgrace.


Garland was called upon to answer for what Cotton deemed “an outrageous directive of siccing the Feds on parents at school board meetings across America.”

“These are the people who are supposed to be chasing jihadists and Chinese spies. What on earth does the National Security Division have to do with parents who are expressing disagreements at school boards?” Cotton asked.

Garland responded that his directive was merely about “threats of violence” and would therefore not agree to dissolve its formation.

“Why do you continue to dissemble in front of this committee that you are only talking about violence and threats of violence when your memo says harassment and intimidation?” Cotton said.

As Garland continued to insist that he was not targeting parents with his directive, Cotton asked him if he had opened an investigation into the harassment of Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in a bathroom earlier this month. Garland declared that he didn’t know whether she had referred the matter to the Justice Department. (RELATED: The Left Rushes To Defend Sinema’s Bathroom Harassers)

Cotton then brought up the story of Loudoun County, Virginia, father, Scott Smith. Smith was arrested after a heated exchange when he sought answers from his school board as to why they had covered up the sexual assault of his 15-year-old daughter in a bathroom.  (RELATED: ‘Loudoun County Protects Rapists’: Students Stage Walkout in Protest Of Loudoun County’s Alleged Sexual Assault Cover-Up)

“She was raped,” Cotton declared, “in a bathroom by a boy wearing girl’s clothes and the Loudoun County school board covered it up because it would have interfered with their transgender policy during pride month. That man,” Cotton continued, “because he went to a school board and tried to defend his daughters rights, was condemned internationally. Do you apologize to Scott Smith and his 15-year-old daughter, judge?”

Garland said that anyone whose child was raped had every right to protest to their school board.