FEC Allows Foreigners To Fund US Ballot Measures

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Jason Lee Contributor
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The Federal Election Commission (FEC) made a recent decision that would allow foreigners to fund ballot measures in the United States, Axios reported Tuesday.

Foreigners are currently not allowed to donate to U.S. political candidates, Axios reported. The FEC decision could allow foreign nationals to influence U.S. referendum campaigns, according to the outlet.

The majority ruled in a July decision that foreigners are allowed to fund ballot measures because, under the Federal Elections Campaign Act, ballot measures are not “elections” that involved individuals, according to Axios.

Even though the ruling was based on federal jurisdiction, states still have the sovereignty to hold foreigners accountable with regard to funding ballot measures, according to Axios.

There are seven states that are currently banning foreign funding on ballot measures, according to Axios. Maine Democratic Gov. Janet Mills vetoed legislation that would bar foreigners from funding ballot measures, Axios reported.

The decision does not make a specific indication on to what extent do foreign funding could influence domestic policy issues like congressional redistricting, according to Axios. Redistricting is often put to a ballot measure. (RELATED: FEC Chair: Getting Info From Foreign Entities Is Illegal)

“The FEC just decided to allow FOREIGN money to start pouring into certain U.S. elections. DC bureaucrats have truly lost their minds. We are a sovereign nation. Foreign money should have ZERO place in our elections. I’m fighting to stop this,” Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney tweeted Tuesday regarding the FEC’s ruling.