EXCLUSIVE: ‘She Just Didn’t Do Her Homework’ — Sen. Rick Scott Reacts To His Fiery Interview With CNN’s Brianna Keilar

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott explained his fiery interview with CNN regarding the evidence that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being taught in Virginia public schools, in an exclusive Tuesday conversation with the Daily Caller.

Scott, the current chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, appeared on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday to discuss a range of issues, including the recent Virginia gubernatorial election and CRT. During the interview, co-host Brianna Keilar refused to acknowledge CRT is being taught in Virginia public schools, while Scott referenced specific examples of the concept being promoted in the state from a government website.

Scott explained the interview exclusively with the Daily Caller. (RELATED: Sen. Rick Scott Leaves CNN’s Brianna Keilar Reeling After Testy Exchange On CRT)

“I mean, first off, they must not have done their research because if you just look at the Virginia Department of Education website, you can see it. All right. And then they didn’t listen to the voters. I mean, they’re very public. You saw the videos of all the people at the rallies, these moms saying, ‘we’re tired of this. We want to be involved in our kids’ education and we don’t believe they ought to be teaching, you know, kids that they’re either under pressure or oppressed,” Scott told the Caller.


“So I was surprised that she was she had a lack of, you know, she didn’t know this. What you would hope is that she just didn’t do her homework. So that’s would you hope because you hope that any journalist would be fair out there and put the facts out,” Scott added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: GOP Lawmakers Demand Explanation From AG Garland For Targeting Of American Parents)

During his Monday night appearance, Scott said McAuliffe wanted to make it seem like there is currently not CRT being taught in the commonwealth of Virginia, then proceeded to cite evidence from Virginia’s Department of Education website that shows CRT has been part of public schools’ curriculum even when Terry McAuliffe was last governor of Virginia.

“We’re going to see just like in Virginia Terry McAuliffe wanted to say there’s nothing about Critical Race Theory. We know it’s true. Parents know their kids are being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory in Virginia and Democrats wanted to deny it. And so parents showed up because they don’t like being lied to.”

Keilar immediately cut in, saying, “just to be clear, it’s not in the curriculum in Virginia.”