‘Oh, My Mask’: Fully Vaccinated Biden Searches For Mask Before Giving Up At Outdoor Bill Signing Event


Kira Mautone Contributor
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President Joe Biden tried in vain to find his mask after apparently forgetting it at the podium during the outdoor signing ceremony for the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

A fully vaccinated, maskless Biden approached the table to sign the bill when he appeared to realize he forgot his mask, saying “Oh, my mask.”

The president proceeded to walk back to the podium to look for his mask. However, it appeared that Biden was unable to find it and promptly returned to the desk to sign the bill.


Biden’s new bipartisan infrastructure bill centers around improving roads, bridges, ports, waterways, broadband access and more. The president described the signing of this bill Monday afternoon as “truly historic,” while touting members of Congress for coming together after months of uncertainty.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed in the house on November 5, with 13 Republican votes pushing the bill through. Prior to its passing, the bill experienced months of delays due to factions of the Democratic Party clashing over the other, more expensive part of Biden’s Build Back Better bill. (RELATED: Democrats Threaten To Tank Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Without A Complementary Reconciliation Package)