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James William Awad: Turn Your Passion Into Your Career, And Success Is Guaranteed

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It has been estimated that the average person spends nearly 90,000 hours of their life working. This staggering figure brings into sharp focus the huge impact that the career we choose has on our lives. Many of us have experienced the exhausting struggle of trying to reach success within a career that we neither enjoy nor are passionate about. Musician James William Awad, aka Senior, believes that true career success is only possible when you feel genuinely passionate about the work that you dedicate your time to.

James William has developed a global following with his music under the stage name Senior and transformed his passion into his purpose with the release of his debut album, I Feel Better Alone. Following a clearly marked career path may seem like the fastest route to success, but Senior believes that our truest success usually lies in pursuing our deepest passion. He says, “Our passions drive us and add joy and purpose to our lives. So, it only makes sense that they would be a firm foundation to build a successful career on.”

According to James William Awad, turning your passion into your career ensures that you remain invigorated and motivated to work every day. Expanding on this insight, he says, “The fulfillment you feel when you discover how to generate revenue from what you love cannot be matched by profiting from a job that you feel no passion for.”

However, James William Awad’s passions also extend beyond his musical exploits as Senior. He has explored his deep interest in decentralization with his company Tripleone, which is helping to develop advancements within the growing industry. With 111, James William has created the world’s first decentralized business that utilizes the power of a collective to conceptualize and build lucrative projects. In pursuing his dual passions for music and entrepreneurship, James William Awad shares that he has been able to create a career that offers him both fulfillment and success. His journey has helped him to discover the power of making your passion your purpose, and he encourages anyone seeking success to take the chance of transforming their passion into their profession.