HART: A Year-End Look Back At 2021

Ron Hart Contributor
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-Whoopi Goldberg and other celebrity elites blasted Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin for not supporting the pork-laden “Build Back Better” plan. They called him a hick and a cracker and made fun of West Virginia. Retribution was swift from that state. Cracker Barrels there pulled from their shelves all DVDs of Whoopi’s seminal works, “Sister Act One,” “Sister Act Two” and “Boys on the Side.”

-The Omicron variant followed the Delta variant of COVID. Instead of trusting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we might need to ask the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) to weigh in. On the bright side, Omicron does not seem to be nearly as lethal as previous COVID variants.

And no one is immune. Senator Elizabeth Warren got COVID, and she briefly changed her Indian name to “Running Fever.”

The survival rate of this latest strain of COVID is exponentially higher than being on a movie set with Alec Baldwin.

-Somehow, Baldwin “accidentally” shoots an innocent mother on his movie set. Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Police Officer Kim Potter accidentally shoots a criminal who was resisting arrest. She is convicted and will be incarcerated for years; Alex Baldwin is doing talk shows. Quite a world the left has created.

-To celebrate the tenth anniversary of his father’s death, Kim Jong-Un ordered his North Korean subjects not to laugh or smile for ten days. To ensure their compliance, he has had Jimmy Kimmel’s monologues translated into North Korean and will make them binge-watch “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

-The Clintons have a nice holiday ritual. They meet in Martha’s Vineyard for five days and work on getting their stories straight. It is just the three of them — and their food tasters.

Hillary runs the crime family now. She reminds her family during the Christmas season of the Last Supper and how it damaged Jesus. Yes, technically just one of the twelve disciples betrayed Jesus, but five of them later got book deals.

-The Omicron variant arrived in the US from Africa. So that means AIDS, Ebola and now a COVID variant have come to America from Africa. For goodness’ sake, what did we ever do to Africa to make them so mad at us?

-There remains 100% unemployment among the Cuomo brothers. We know they have given up rehabilitating themselves to get back in the spotlight. I know this because they are both fighting for a spot on Trump’s “The Apprentice” reboot.

-As if things could not get any worse for its credibility, CNN has a pedophile issue. The only place less safe than being on a movie set with Alec Baldwin is Bring Your Child to Work Day at CNN.

-Critical Race Theory (CRT) became a thing in 2021. It is a construct that demands that the races once again be separated. An Ivy League school has an African American only graduation event. Colleges in California jumped on it and now have blacks-only housing. Progressives are on a path to put the Aryan Nation and KKK out of business because they just cannot compete at that level.

-Celebrities could not refrain from opining on racial issues again in 2021. Taylor Swift, Adele and Yoko Ono recorded songs to promote social justice. They threatened that if social justice was not achieved by year’s end, they would release the album.

-Biden’s poll numbers are so low he is talking about a nationwide tour to promote himself. I suggest he visit Pennsylvania’s Amish country. The Amish are the only ones who are not worked up about COVID (since they don’t get cable TV) and are not mad about gas prices.

-It was encouraging to see Tiger Woods playing golf in a made-for-TV father/son tournament with his son, Charlie. It was enthralling to watch, especially when Tiger drove the cart.

-I no longer spend time in Atlanta. Earlier in the year I briefly missed Atlanta, so I had a friend break my car window and take my stuff to remind me.

-Living alone in 2021, I learned a lot of things. Nice folks reach out to me often; they seem to really care about me and especially my car warranty.

Ron Hart, a libertarian syndicated oped humorist, award-winning author and TV/radio commentator, can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com, or visit www.RonaldHart.com.