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How Jalal Abuimweis Went From Homeless to Real Estate King In 6 Years

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One of the most solid industries many people look to as a stable source of income is the real estate business. In a report by online news outlet IBISWorld, the real estate industry had about $156.2 billion in earnings in 2021 alone. For this reason, more people are eager to try their luck in this always promising industry. Despite very stiff competition, the number of people getting into real estate continues to increase.

There are plenty of stories of people whose lives were changed by working hard in the real estate industry. This includes Jalal Abuimweis, a serial investor and landlord dubbed the “King of Real Estate” in Miami, Florida. Jalal is the founder and CEO of the real estate investment firm The King’s Estates. As a thriving icon in the real estate business, he has helped others achieve success too.

Jalal currently has over 50 apartments to his name and has sold more than 400 properties since the beginning of his journey. He’s a dominant force in the industry, especially in Miami, where he has inspired others to join the real estate business. Jalal is the go-to guy for all things real estate as he knows the ins and outs.

Before becoming a significant force in Miami’s real estate scene, Jalal was a humble kid from Amman, Jordan. Getting ahead was always his passion, so when he learned about the wonders of real estate, he studied it until it became second nature. Jalal was determined to push his boundaries, transcend his limitations, and exceed people’s expectations, so he moved to the U.S. to chase his dream.

To Jalal, investing in the real estate industry is not all about making money or getting rich but also about helping others. He buys properties from people who are in dire need of financial help. Jalal and his team make the necessary improvements to ensure the houses are sold at an excellent price. With this, he gets to help potential buyers also get a property that suits their needs and liking.

Jalal experienced being homeless and spending countless nights in his car before becoming the real estate powerhouse he is today. When he decided to go for a career as a real estate investor, he had no other source of income. Jalal used every ounce of courage he had to spend all his money to accomplish his first set of transactions. After a few tries, the risk paid off, and he finally got the results he wanted.

As a real estate investor, Jalal is admired by many people in the industry for his unique approach to the job. He uses his incredible ability to communicate with people to make sure he meets every client’s standards and demands. With this skill set, Jalal has turned himself into a real estate investor who consistently earns five to six digits.

Jalal has accomplished so much at the young age of 28, and he wants to do more before he turns 40. He notes that it’s only been possible because he got rid of all negativity that could affect his drive to succeed. Jalal’s favorite saying is “you can do anything if you don’t do everything,” which means focusing on one goal.