Liberal Reporters, Media Personalities Absolutely Meltdown Over Sinema Nuking Their Filibuster Dreams

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Bryan Babb Contributor
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Liberal reporters and media personalities stirred up a frenzy Thursday after Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema repeated her promise not to end the filibuster.

Commentators and journalists, such as Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, reacted to Sinema’s speech with accusations of working with segregationists, calling her childish and demanding that Sinema resign. Some even accused her of “killing voting rights legislation.” (RELATED: Left-Wing Activists Chased Sinema Into A Bathroom, Violating Personal Space Yet Again)

Sinema’s speech laid the blame for recent political debating over the filibuster on Democrats. She argued that their use of cloture requirements for judicial nominations under former President George W. Bush led to Republicans using the same under former President Barack Obama.

Sinema instead urged lawmakers to pull back from political division, which she called a “disease.”

“Tensions are raised within the country, and traditional nonpartisan issues are transformed into partisan wedges. We must address the disease itself, the disease of division, to protect our democracy,” Sinema said. “And it cannot be achieved by one party alone. It cannot be achieved solely by the federal government.”