RNC CHAIR MCDANIEL: The Democrats Went Down To Georgia — Biden Pushes Election Lies In Atlanta

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Ronna McDaniel Chairwoman, Republican National Committee
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Last week, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went to Georgia as part of their desperate effort to pass Democrats’ radical agenda to eliminate the Senate filibuster and enact their federal takeover of state and local elections. Democrats’ Election Suppression Act and the Freedom To Cheat Act are blatant power grabs designed to politicize elections and undo popular election integrity reforms. But Biden’s speech wasn’t just full of falsehoods; it was also deeply divisive.

Despite promising to “restore the soul of the nation” and “unify” America, Biden’s remarks pitted Americans against each other. In his speech, he disgustingly compared anyone who opposes his election takeovers to racists and white supremacists. He even equated his opponents to Democrat and segregationist Gov. George Wallace, even though Biden is actually the one who once bragged about being praised by him.

This gross comparison is not only divisive but based in lies. According to Biden, those who oppose his federal takeover aren’t just wrong; they’re racists working to destroy America as we know it. His hysterical crusade targets millions of Americans who support commonsense election integrity efforts – Republican, Democrats and Independents.

It’s not the first time Biden has spread lies and sown division in Georgia. Last year, Republicans in the state passed a new election law that expanded voting access while putting in place new protections to stop voter fraud. The legislation strengthened voter ID laws, expanded early voting hours on weekends, required better maintenance of voter rolls and banned ballot harvesting.

Biden ignored these reforms, instead lying and smearing the bill as “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” Apparently, voter ID laws are “racist,” but requiring a vaccine passport and photo ID to go to restaurants and movie theaters is fine. The voting laws in Biden’s home state of Delaware are actually far stricter than Georgia’s. Delaware has a smaller window of early voting, doesn’t allow no-excuse absentee voting and has fewer drop boxes in fewer locations.

But that didn’t stop Biden from slandering Georgia. His lies cost the Peach State the MLB All-Star Game, which was set to be held in Atlanta, and Georgia lost out on $100 million in revenue as a result. The state’s tourism and hospitality industries — already crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic — were devastated by the reversal. Minorities felt the impact, too, with nearly 30% of businesses in Atlanta being black-owned.

When these election laws were put to the test for the first time in November, they actually resulted in greater voter turnout than the year prior. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, voters saw “short lines,” “few problems,” and no “obstacles at the polls.” In Atlanta, turnout in the 2021 municipal elections surged by 17% compared to 2017. In fact, of the 19 states that enacted election integrity measures, 17 held elections in November and none reported any major issues.

But Democrats have never let facts get in the way of a good narrative. On Tuesday, Biden’s speech was filled with falsehoods and hypocrisy. He lied when he said a “minority” was blocking his election takeover bills, since a majority of the Senate – all 50 Republicans and even two Democrats – oppose ramming through these bills. As a result, Biden and fellow Democrats like Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin want to gut the filibuster — something they’ve said for decades would be a “very dangerous thing to do” and a “doomsday for democracy.”

Despite Democrats’ efforts to delegitimize election integrity, it remains overwhelmingly popular with the American people. A recent study found 80% of voters support voter ID and 87% are against ballot harvesting. Other polls have seen similar backing for these laws: NPR found that 79% of Americans support voter ID laws, and Rasmussen reported that 60% of Democrats and 69% of black voters back voter ID.

The truth is, Democrats know their record is disastrous and their message is failing. The only way they can survive at the ballot box is by changing the rules. 

That’s why the Republican National Committee (RNC) is working hard to secure our elections for years to come. We’re committed to defending efforts across the country making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. We’re building an army of election integrity directors in 15 states to ensure free, fair and transparent elections. And our legal team is leading the way on dozens of lawsuits all over the country to defend election integrity and stop Democrats’ election takeovers, like the recent lawsuits we filed against New York City and Vermont for allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections.

Americans want to feel confident that their vote is being counted and their voice makes a difference. They want their faith restored in the electoral process. The GOP is committed to doing just that.

Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) has served as chair of the Republican National Committee since 2017.