AP Reporter Grills Psaki: ‘Do You Really Believe That Journalists’ Just Repeat ISIS, Putin ‘Propaganda?’

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Associated Press reporter Alexandra Jaffe pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on whether the administration believes journalists repeat Russian and Islamic state propaganda Friday.

Psaki sparred with a reporter Thursday questioning the United States’ account on the number of civilian casualties and the events leading to ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quaryshi’s death in northern Syria. Associated Press reporter Matt Lee similarly confronted State Department spokesman Ned Price Monday over U.S. and Russian ambassadors not reaching a resolution over the Russia-Ukraine situation at the United Nations Security Council.

“So, yesterday you and the State Department’s spokesman Ned Price both took issue with reporters asking for evidence of your statements with respect to the Syria strike and the Russian false flag operation,” Jaffe said. “Do you really believe that journalists are repeating Russian and Islamic state propaganda in pursuing those questions? First of all, and second of all, will you be offering evidence of your claims with respect to what happened in Syria when they become available?”


“Absolutely, and let me just start by saying that we welcome tough questions and good faith scrutiny. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come out here almost 180 times and engaged with all of you and your tough questions and good faith scrutiny. As I noted in a response to a questions from your colleague yesterday, which wasn’t in all the context of what was put out there, we are less than 48 hours from the end of the mission.”

“So the Department of Defense is still conducting after action assessments. And that’s a natural part of the process that occurs.”

Psaki said the administration has “remained committed” to decreasing civilian casualties and releasing all available information to the public. She further noted that special operators were released to minimize casualties rather than conduct an airstrike.

Psaki assured that the administration respects the press and is open to tough questions and criticism. (RELATED: Biden Vows To ‘Protect Americans From Terrorist Threats’ After Death Of ISIS Leader)

“But of course, we respect and value the role of the press,” the press secretary said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be out here with all of you everyday and welcome the scrutiny, welcome the tough questioning and as I said yesterday, of course, we will do everything we can to provide as many details as possible. But, I think it’s important as people are trying to understand this to note that it is different in having operators on the ground than an airstrike where it is a different assessment after action.”

Reporters have remained skeptical of information provided by the U.S. military in part to the misreporting of civilian deaths. The U.S. miscalculated civilian casualties caused by an Aug. 29 airstrike in Kabul, Afghanistan, that killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, the Washington Post reported.

U.S. Special Operations forces conducted a counterterrorism mission in northern Syria Thursday. The Syria Civil Defense (SCD) reported that the raid killed at least 13, including six children. Senior Biden administration officials said al-Qurayshi set off a suicide bomb that killed himself and his family.

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