Americans Are Done With COVID, Canadian Truckers Take Over City And Democrats Lift Mandates — DC Live With Jobob

[The Daily Caller]

Jobob Taeleifi Contributor
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People all over the world, and specifically Americans, seem to be over COVID-19 restrictions — at least according to recent polling.

And Democrats seem to have taken notice as some leaders of the political party have started to wind down restrictions or advocate for a return to normalcy. (RELATED: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Can’t Cite Any Studies Showing Mask Mandates Work)

Canadian truckers are also fed up, as has been reported in the capital city of Ottawa. Police have been trying to suppress and crack down on the protests in different ways, like restricting access to fuel and, in some cases, reportedly seizing it. The mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency Sunday as the “Freedom Convoy” protesters created gridlock in the city. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not supportive of the protesters, highlighting “a few people shouting and waving swastikas.”

The Daily Caller’s Jobob Taeleifi gets into some of this and more in the latest episode of “DC Live with Jobob.”