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California Crumbles: First Responders In The Golden State Recall Getting Fired For Refusing The Vaccine

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A group of California first responders and one teacher recalled being fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine in a clip from the Daily Caller’s new documentary, “Hero to Zero.”

The group outlined the process around obtaining vaccine exemptions as well as the consequences of not complying with orders from their higher-ups.

Janie Washburn, a teacher from Hemet, California, explained that her school sent around a Google form asking staff to share their vaccination status and anyone who refused was then placed on a list indicating they’d need to be tested weekly. Washburn also said she didn’t comply with the testing requirement.


“We were supposed to get tested between nine and ten o’clock, and I’m in class then so I’m teaching,” Washburn said. “So, every time they sent someone to my room, I just told them, ‘I’m not testing. I don’t need you.’ So, they would just leave.”

Washburn continued to refuse testing until she was ultimately placed on unpaid leave and received a letter of reprimand. She cited testing only unvaccinated teachers for COVID-19 as “discrimination.” (RELATED: ‘Hero To Zero’: Beverly Hills Firefighters Protest Vaccine Mandates Amid Rejections Of Religious Exemptions)

Jackie McCarroll, a pediatric nurse from San Diego, reacted similarly, saying every exemption—whether medical or religious—at her hospital was denied.

“I’m not aware of one that was accepted, medical or religious,” she explained. McCarroll also said she did not receive any explanation as to why her exemption was denied, indicating that a “blanket email” was sent to all staff awaiting the hospital’s decision on a Saturday.

California was the first state to announce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for schools back in October 2021. In addition, the state-issued mandates for health care workers and firefighters.

Although the Supreme Court struck down mandates for companies with more than 100 employees, mandates for health care workers remain.

California also became the first state to mandate vaccines for children in grades K-12.