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Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Pleads With US And World To Reject Iran Nuclear Agreement

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Samuel Nathan Contributor
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Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleaded with U.S. and world powers not to pursue a “dangerous” and “absurd” Iran nuclear agreement that he claims will enable Iran to become a threshold nuclear state. 

Netanyahu–Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister, whose tenure ended last year–claims the new deal being negotiated with Iran would “relieve sanctions and give them [Iran] hundreds of billions of dollars in order to continue the terror that they waged yesterday and wage every day throughout the Middle East and the world.”

“This agreement is even worse than its predecessor,” Netanyahu said, referring to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) negotiated by the Obama administration and repealed by President Trump in 2018. 

The deal being negotiated will enable Iran to “have enough enriched uranium to create dozens and dozens of nuclear bombs. And it will have the ICBMs [intercontinental ballistic missiles] to deliver them to any place in the United States. That is unbelievable. It’s not merely unacceptable. It endangers not only my country, Israel, but your country the United States and the entire world. We should not let an aggressive, rogue, terrorist regime like Iran have nuclear weapons. Have we learned nothing?” said the visibly irritated Netanyahu.

Recently, the Iran nuclear negotiations have stalled because Russia is reportedly trying to use the talks as leverage to undermine the sanctions much of the world has imposed on it because of its aggression in Ukraine, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The U.S. and major world powers are reportedly prepared to offer Iran massive sanctions relief that critics argue would be a capitulation, according to former State Department staffer Gabriel Noronha. (RELATED: US To Lift Sanctions Against Terrorists, Human Rights Abusers As Part Of Iran Nuclear Agreement: REPORT)

“The United States is preparing to lift sanctions on several of the Iranian regime’s most notorious human rights abusers implicated in the torture and execution of political dissidents, the murder of protesters, and the persecution of Iran’s LGBTQ community,” according to Noronha.