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L’ANZA has been making waves in the beauty industry the last few years and it’s easy to see why. When you take a deeper look into the values of the company, you can easily understand why so many are buying the products for their business, homes, and salons. L’ANZA is privately owned and independently operated. For those who may not know, this is incredibly rare within the beauty industry and sets L’ANZA apart as a beauty brand to be reckoned with.

L’ANZA Values

Do you know the values behind the beauty brands whose products are in your salon or personal home? If not, take a minute to think before purchasing your next products. L’ANZA is proud to boast the following:

  • Cruelty-free – no testing is done on animals, ever.
  • Eco-friendly – all products are derived in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Organic + wildcrafted botanicals – these are in products and do wonders for the scalp and hair. Derived from jungles and forests around the world.

L’ANZA creates products with the mission to commit to a greener environment to promote a healthier planet in addition to healthier hair by minimizing our carbon footprint. We’ve also found that smaller, natural ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair. This allows hair to heal from the inside out without being weighed down.


L’ANZA is proud to be partnering with many nonprofits in 2022 in an effort to collaborate for a better world. This initiative is named L’ANZA C.A.R.E.S. along with a list of each non-profit L’ANZA is partnering with to spread awareness and support for each of the pillars:

  • C stands for Compassion
    • Best Friends Animal Society
    • Hope in a Suitcase
    • K9s for Warriors
  • A stands for Action
    • American Heart & Go Red for Women
    • Habitat for Humanity
  • R stands for Responsibility
    • Feeding America
    • Food Banks Canada
    • Meals on Wheels
  • E stands for Empowerment
    • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    • EmpowHER
  • S stands for Sustainability
    • Arbor Day Foundation
    • One Tree Planted
    • Surfrider Foundation

We Care

Many companies can say they care, without having the effort or actions to back it up. That’s not what they do at L’ANZA. They’re proud to derive all our ingredients naturally, and to have clients see the incredible difference the absence of harsh chemicals has on their hair, too. L’ANZA utilizes only the highest quality and safest ingredients available.

Their formulas pass rigorous safety standards and are proudly sold in over 40 countries the world over making them thoroughly tested in salons. They aim to target the cause of damage and get to the root to heal your scalp and hair from the inside out and preserve it for a lifetime. Using the latest in hair care technology, all L’ANZA products are an investment not only to better yourself and your hair, but the world around you.

We wish L’ANZA the best of luck on all their future endeavors, in beauty and beyond!

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