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Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran on Why Growth Marketing is Crucial for Blockchain Startups

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Blockchain startups are not like other tech startups, as a specialized approach is crucial for scaling blockchain startups. Any growth marketing for blockchain businesses needs to be strategic, the fact that most entrepreneurs in the space are unaware of. Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran delves into blockchain growth hacking, sharing his knowledge and expertise in the space and explaining why it is essential for novices in the blockchain space to understand how growth marketing for blockchain works.


Dr. Deeban, through GD10 Ventures, helps blockchain startups get their footing in the industry and grow in the space. The company develops early-stage web3 companies and ensures that the most innovative blockchain startups get to grow through mass adoption. To accelerate the growth of a startup, GD10 Ventures employs a combination of growth marketing strategies, perceptive advice, and influential networking to cut through the growing competition.


With the right combination of strategies and implementation across marketing, product development, and sales, blockchain startups can carve out their growth journey and even attract investments from crypto-focused funds and other investors. GD10 Ventures has invested and supported prominent blockchain startups, with its assets achieving top 100 market cap status.


Growth marketing is very important for blockchain startups, and GD10 Ventures is the go-to platform for advice on strategy and how to leverage powerful connections. Web3 startups need to establish and leverage strong industry connections and deploy strategies that champion mass adoption. GD10 Ventures helps startups maintain their token value growth and stability by offering tailored growth marketing packages. GD10 Ventures uses a slew of marketing strategies, including competitor management and content production, to help entrepreneurs in the space. Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran shares that “GD10 Ventures not only strategizes and implements growth hacking marketing but also continues to manage the marketing long term, closely monitoring the impact.

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