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Rack up the Numbers on Your Instagram Business Account, RaShine Mitchell & Erik Petrosyan Share How

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Instagram is fast-growing as a platform for business. One of the best ways to do business on Instagram is to build a community. RaShine Mitchell and Erik Petrosyan list 3 Ways to Build Massive Communities on Instagram.

Respond to comments

One of the best ways to build a community on Instagram is to engage with your followers. RaShine Mitchell and Erik Petrosyan believe in quick responses when it comes to engagement.

RaShine Mitchell says, “People who take time out to comment on your photo or video are worthy of recognition. It shows respect, and many people who comment feel seen and heard when they get a response from a page they follow. This gives authenticity to your page and helps you be seen as someone who represents warmth and care.”

Erik Petrosyan adds, “You don’t even have to write lengthy replies but also be careful not to use templated responses. Small and simple words or phrases like “Thanks,” “Great to hear that,” “Grateful for your feedback,” and others can go a long way in establishing a connection between you and your followers.”

Work with a community influencer

Every community has an influencer, someone who is a well-recognized face associated with the group. RaShine Mitchell believes in “collaborating with community influencers who have already put in the hard work to create a massive audience for themselves. When you work with them, you stand to benefit from their wide range of followers. If the collaboration is engaging and interesting, it’s bound to add new followers to your number of followers in no time.”

Erik Petrosyan echoes the same sentiments saying, “When an influencer backs you, it adds credibility to your brand. In fact, if you have the funds, collaborating with the right influencer might be the quickest way to get new followers. The most crucial step here is to find the right influencer. Do some background checks, see what your research shows, and advance accordingly.

Get behind a cause

Causes are a great way to generate attention. A good cause that rallies the voice of the masses and the time is sure to boost your number of followers. For RaShine Mitchell, this means “finding a genuine cause to back up. People are smart and can see through your intentions. The right cause is the one associated with your brand somehow, has visible results, and is espoused by many.”

These user-friendly and practical insights are sure to set those numbers on fire!