Fat Joe Is Fighting For Healthcare Equality

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Rapper Fat Joe teamed up with Power To The Patients and released a video Tuesday blaming politicians for illegally hiding healthcare prices from patients.

Fat Joe’s impassioned public service announcement began with a bold opening statement. “Right now millions of people are getting robbed, and not by the guys you might think, but by hospital and insurance company executives,” he said. He went on to call them “crooks” and said the lack of transparency in hospital prices was making it difficult for patients to see the true costs associated with their healthcare and medical expenses.

Fat Joe showed love to doctors and nurses, and blamed the “big business” behind them. He took aim at politicians and said, “So to all you politicians letting them crush us, you’re breaking my heart because you broke your promise to the very people you swore to protect.” (RELATED: Keeping Hospitals Honest About Prices Could Save America From Socialist Healthcare)

He concluded the video with a call to action. “It’s time for you to step up and enforce this law,” Fat Joe said. “Hospitals are obligated to show us their prices, and we demand them.”

The rapper is isn’t alone in this mission to create transparency in the healthcare system. Susan Sarandon and Cynthia Erivo filmed their own public service announcements last year, speaking of the same issue, according to TMZ.

Fat Joe is reportedly planning to attend the White House Correspondents’ dinner later this month to speak about this issue and push for change, according to the outlet.