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SEO Expert James Dooley Helps Business Owners Harness the Power of the Internet

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Digital media has become a thriving place for businesses where they can directly interact with prospective customers and even generate leads. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an emerging tool that brands around the globe are using to reach highly targeted customers without spending a fortune on marketing. While digital marketing is a way to reach your target audience and convince them to buy a product, SEO is about building interest among a large audience that automatically creates brand awareness. James Dooley, an SEO expert and accomplished digital entrepreneur, is helping brands grow through increased visibility on the internet.

James started his journey from nothing to become a renowned name in the SEO space today. Initially, he was an adapter of the internet but gradually expanded his horizon as he started understanding the complex algorithms of SEO. He realized that SEO has the power to bring traffic to a website, answer potential customers’ questions, and be an authoritative voice for the brand. This is where he discovered his area of expertise. Dooley started his SEO business based on the rank-and-rent model to help businesses generate genuine leads online through their websites.

So far, Dooley has developed and retained over 25 million web pages that rank high on search engines globally. He then rents out these web pages to businesses in the UK to help them generate leads through extensive exposure. Dooley’s near-perfect SEO strategies have ranked most of his keywords at the top of Google’s search results, a feat achieved by only a handful of service providers in this space. Besides boosting growth for other brands, Dooley has also expanded his business empire to create several 7-figure generating ventures.

Dooley also owns PromoSEO Ltd, a digital marketing venture, and PromoMedia, a traditional marketing agency. He co-owns Dooley Thoroughbreds with his two older brothers, a horse racing syndicate where Dooley owns 10 horses. Apart from these ventures, Dooley also runs other successful businesses in real estate, video production, affiliate marketing, and more.

Integrity, diligence, and positivity have been the pillars of Dooley’s success in all his ventures. This is why he is focused more on building a solid team to offer clients best-in-class SEO services. His company is the only one in this industry that guarantees ROI to every client while entering any contract. Dooley hires apprentices and then trains them with a similar vision. He likes to begin with a clean sheet, so people with zero experience who joined as apprentices have moved on to become directors of various ventures.

Dooley believes in focusing on solutions instead of problems. This is how he learned to manage his businesses successfully over the years. Of course, he has been through a process of trial and error, but he kept learning with each failure. He kept his vision keen and worked hard to accomplish all his goals. Creating better ROIs for his clients has been one of his top goals, and he has managed to accomplish it.

Although Dooley has helped scale thousands of brands, he feels that most businesses are still unaware of the potential of SEO. He wants to expand his reach to all businesses struggling to find visibility on the internet to help them find ground by monetizing their presence online.

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