95-Year-Old Grandmother Allegedly Fends Off City Abductors With Cane, Later Climbs Over Wall After Being Detained


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Writer Chang Che posted a photograph to his Twitter of a 95-year-old grandmother fending off six Chinese workers with her cane Tuesday.

Che posted a photograph that appears to show six people in hazmat suits walking away from a civilian wielding a cane under the caption “I’ve never witnessed this level of badassery: 95-year old grandma in Shanghai tests positive for Covid. About to get sent away but fends off SIX workers in haz-mats with her cane until they give up.”

Shortly after, Che wrote that Chinese authorities apparently sealed the woman’s apartment with steel plates, which she subsequently ripped off so she could go for a stroll around the neighborhood. “The next day, after THREE more attempts, they finally get her to the quarantine camps… oh nvm… she jumped the wall…” he continued.

Also in the thread, Che shared a video of the woman defying those wearing the hazmat suit. (RELATED: Surprising New Data Shows Just How Much The COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Global Birth Rates)

Chinese authorities have been breaking into homes of those suspected of testing positive for COVID-19 and dragging them to quarantine camps throughout the country, according to CNN. Many of those abducted by Chinese authorities are senior citizens, the outlet continued.

China is allegedly trying to remove all COVID-positive individuals from their communities in an attempt to end the spread of the virus, CNN noted. Reports on social media have suggested that authorities have taken seniors but left behind medication and equipment they require for survival.