Glendale Unified School Admin: Take ‘A More Aggressive Approach’ To Teaching CRT, LGBTQ Ideology

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Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A public school administrator in California went on multiple email rants to his colleagues calling for “a more aggressive approach” to implementing critical race theory and LGBTQ+ ideology into classroom learning, according to emails obtained by the Daily Caller.

Craig Lewis, an administrator at Glendale Unified School District, began one email by talking about how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) jobs are “extremely sexist and gender biased.” He went on in the same email to encourage teachers to teach that every society and culture embraces LGBTQ+ ideology and that socialism is “the normal human condition.”

“We will also teach that LGBTQ+ is everybody, every society, every culture group, every age, over all time, with the only difference being the degree to which dominant entities are willing to cause injury, physically or emotionally, to others in an attempt to enforce conformity to their own narrow construction of ‘normality’ while perhaps even hinting that not only is socialism the normal human condition,” Lewis said.

In a separate email to administrators Christopher Coulter and Sally Myles, Lewis said that they agree that parents “do not want anybody learning about” “CRT” and “LGBTQ” ideology. Lewis said he was in favor of a more “aggressive approach” to teaching about the ideologies and said he does not believe the solution is “playing nice” with concerned parents.

“I am definitely trending toward a more aggressive approach,” Lewis said. “Most because I think a lot of these people are being forcefully and purposefully ignorant and second because I think the battle lines have already been drawn, and I’m in no mood to seek the typical Democratic solution of playing nice and seeking compromise fueled by a fantasy of bipartisanship.”

In the third email to Coulter and Myles, Lewis called Trump supporters “boobs, goons, and buffoons.” He also said that he believes “we are on the immediate verge of civil war in the US.”

“I really resent and take it personally when the boobs, goons, and buffoons that make up Trump’s cult try to dictate terms of who and what is American. I’m fine with socialism, I think capitalism is in the same family of greed and power madness that characterizes imperialism, colonialism, and religion,” Lewis said.

“From a barn raising to public education to figuring out how to save Apollo 13, socialist practices are what makes America great,” the administrator continued.

Parents with children enrolled in Glendale Unified School District spoke at the district’s Board of Education meeting this month after they uncovered emails wherein administrators allegedly conspired with an educator to teach eight-year-olds about gender ideology. (RELATED: California Parents Allege Teacher, Admin Conspired To Teach Eight-Year-Olds About Gender, Sex)

Glendale Unified School District did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.