Here Are The Biggest Weirdos At Left-Wing Protests This Week So Far


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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After the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion favoring the overturn of Roe v Wade, left-wing protesters have once again taken to the streets of America in all their weirdness, bad hair cuts, and face masks.

Pro-abortion protesters marched upon Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s home Monday, despite the illegality of protesting on someone’s private property in the state of Virginia. The smallish-sized group’s go-to chant was “Abort the Court” while others screamed “F*** Alito” from behind their face masks. Super original, guys.

Along with the incoherent screaming came chants of random numbers. I assume the woman yelling them was wearing a face mask outdoors so it’s tough to know exactly what she was saying, but her random noise concluded with the crowd shouting, “You can’t even find the clit” and then “you don’t care if people die.”

Ahhh who doesn’t love the sweet smell of hypocrisy at dusk? Nothing better than a pro-baby murder parade claiming that returning abortion laws to the states is a death sentence for women.

Of course, the best part of any protest is the signage. One video shows the creative genius of banners featuring a coat hanger with “Don’t Go Back” written underneath. Another protester held up a sign reading “I am not free if you control my womb” while wearing a face mask and freely choosing to have one of the worst haircuts in the history of humanity. My personal favorite from this next clip is the middle-aged man holding a banner that reads “Get The F**k Out” and showing a middle finger over a woman’s vagina.

The main banner guiding the pro-abortion protestors to Alito’s home read “Repro Freedom For All!” but it was hard to tell how many of the protestors were there for reproductive rights and how many were there from the press, as can be seen from this next video. According to a follow-up video, no more than 100 people showed up to protest, while almost everyone else there was a journalist.

And, of course, the ANTIFA and Black Bloc folks showed up to voice their support for abortion or anarchy or wearing the color black and balaclavas in the middle of spring or whatever. (RELATED: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Says It’s ‘Disturbing’ To See Kids Having Fun In Bouncy Castles At Trucker Protest)

It’s unclear whether yelling “c*nt” and “f*ck” and chanting about vaginas and murdering people will win over swing voters in residential neighborhoods or the Supreme Court, but this latest collection of weirdos certainly seemed to think so. It’s also unclear whether their blatant intimidation tactics will work, particularly when it seemed to be condoned by the Biden Administration via White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Thankfully, local law enforcement showed up to protect Alito’s home, as can be seen in another video posted to Twitter. Thank goodness these guys weren’t defunded or this protest might not have been mostly peaceful.