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You Know Things Are Bad For Biden When Bezos Starts Chirping

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Diana Glebova Associate Editor
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President Joe Biden’s statements about skyrocketing inflation have managed to enrage even a fellow liberal into a Twitter frenzy — CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos.

Bezos blasted the Biden administration in a series of May tweets for saying taxing the rich is a solution to skyrocketing inflation.

“You want to bring down inflation? Let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations are paying their fair share,” Biden tweeted May 13.

Bezos hit back at Biden hours later, calling on the administration’s since-paused Disinformation Governance Board to review the tweet for “misdirection.” (RELATED: The Left Is Super Mad These Two Billionaires Haven’t Bent The Knee)

“The newly created Disinformation Board should review this tweet, or maybe they need to form a new Non Sequitur Board instead. Raising [corporate] taxes is fine to discuss. Taming inflation is critical to discuss. Mushing them together is just misdirection,” Bezos tweeted.

Biden then tweeted May 14 about his administration bringing down the deficit and how that can ease inflation. (RELATED: ‘That’s Not How You’re Going To Solve Inflation’: CNBC Host Calls Out Pete Buttigieg To His Face)

“Under my predecessor, the deficit increased every single year. This year, we’re on track to cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion – the biggest one-year decline ever. It matters to families, because reducing the deficit is one of the main ways we can ease inflationary pressures,” Biden tweeted.

Bezos challenged Biden’s statement, mentioning Democratic West Virginia Sen. voting against the $2 trillion Build Back Better package.

“In fact, the administration tried hard to inject even more stimulus into an already over-heated, inflationary economy and only Manchin saved them from themselves. Inflation is a regressive tax that most hurts the least affluent. Misdirection doesn’t help the country,” Bezos responded.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates responded to Bezos’ criticism of the Biden administration a day later.

“It doesn’t require a huge leap to figure out why one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth opposes an economic agenda for the middle class that cuts some of the biggest costs families face, fights inflation for the long haul, and adds to the historic deficit reduction the President is achieving by asking the richest taxpayers and corporations to pay their fair share,” the White House said in a statement to The Washington Post.

“It’s also unsurprising that this tweet comes after the President met with labor organizers, including Amazon employees,” the statement continued.

Bezos fired back, seemingly calling out the White House for misdirecting to a different topic.

“Look, a squirrel! This is the White House’s statement about my recent tweets. They understandably want to muddy the topic. They know inflation hurts the neediest the most. But unions aren’t causing inflation and neither are wealthy people. Remember the Administration tried their best to add another $3.5 TRILLION to federal spending. They failed, but if they had succeeded, inflation would be even higher than it is today, and inflation today is at a 40 year high,” Bezos tweeted May 16.

Another billionaire, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has blasted Biden and the Democrats repeatedly on Twitter, proclaiming he will vote Republican.

“In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican,” Musk tweeted May 18.

“Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he was elected to transform the country, but actually everyone just wanted less drama,” Musk tweeted May 12.

“The far left hates everyone, themselves included!” Musk tweeted April 29. (RELATED: Musk Straight Up Calls Russia Conspiracy ‘Elaborate Hoax’ Staged By Clinton)

Musk has also called Biden a “damp [sock] puppet in human form,” and shared a picture depicting how far left the liberals have gotten since 2008.

He has advocated for free speech since signing a deal to buy Twitter, and has said he thinks former President Donald Trump should be allowed back on the platform.