Parents Stab, Shoot At Bear After Wild Beast Charges Through Their Home

Not the bear mentioned in the story (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GettyImages)

Autumn Klein Contributor
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A Wisconsin couple was forced to defend themselves with a knife and gun when a bear broke into their home Friday night.

The couple looked outside their window to find a female bear and its cub helping themselves to food in their bird feeder, prompting them to open the window to try to scare the creatures away, Fox 9 KMSP. While the cub ran off, the adult bear apparently had different plans, charging right through their window and into their home, the outlet reported.  

With their children asleep in another room, the couple reportedly was attacked by the bear. The wife got a hold of a kitchen knife, which she used to defend herself, according to Fox 9. The husband managed to access a gun and fatally shot the bear inside their home, CNN reported.

The children remained uninjured in their bedrooms, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said, according to CNN. (RELATED: Florida Man Springs Into Action, Wrestles A Huge Bear To Protect His Wife And Dogs)

Authorities said the couple suffered a number of injuries from the attack, including bites and scratches, Fox 9 reported. They were treated at the local hospital and were later released, according to the outlet.