Police Locate Woman Who Was Allegedly Abducted, Chained By Ankles After Man Hears Her Calling For Help

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Public-User: WGN News

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Police located a woman who was allegedly abducted and held in a vacant Chicago home after a man heard her calling for help, WGN 9 reported Sunday.

Antione Dobine, a community activist with Hands Around the Hundreds, said he had been passing by the home on the evening of May 21 when he heard the woman crying for help, which prompted him to call the police, according to WGN 9. Dobine also said he saw a man wearing a blue corduroy jacket leaving the house, according to the outlet.

Dobine reacted to the incident, telling NBC Chicago that upon hearing the woman’s pleas for help and her banging on the windows, he “called the police immediately.”

“I waited for them to come, and when the police got here they discovered there was a young lady in there, handcuffed and chained,” Dobine told the outlet. (RELATED: Woman Saved From Abductor By Leaving Notes In Bathrooms)

Dobine shared a live video to his Facebook page detailing the incident, sharing that the alleged victim had said she’d been “beating on the window” to try and get someone’s attention. The video was referenced in the WGN 9 article about the alleged incident.

The woman, 36, spoke with WGN 9 about her alleged ordeal, saying she’d bumped into a man who reportedly abducted her while on her way to the neighborhood store. The woman, whose identity was not shared, alleged that the man grabbed her and that she couldn’t fight him off, according to the outlet.

The woman also alleged that the man raped her twice and had her chained by her ankles inside the home, the outlet reported.

She was transported to a local hospital once police arrived on the scene, NBC Chicago reported. They are currently investigating the case, according to the outlet.

The woman expressed her gratitude for Dobine to WGN 9, sharing she felt “truly blessed” he chose to help her.

“He could have ignored me but he heard me and he helped me,” she explained to the outlet. “I’m just blessed. I’m truly blessed.”