‘Dear Mark Ruffles, Calm Dowm!’: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Blasts Mark Ruffalo After Speaking To Biden

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images,EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images

Diana Glebova Associate Editor
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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro blasted Mark Ruffalo after the actor said Thursday that the president does not “respect democracy and consistently threatens a coup.”

“Dear [President Joe Biden]: the man you are meeting with today does not respect democracy and consistently threatens a coup. As the 1/6 hearings begin, remember to stand on the side of democracy,” Ruffalo tweeted in reference to Biden’s meeting with Bolsonaro during the Summit of the Americas.

Bolsonaro responded, telling Ruffalo to “calm dowm” and criticizing the actor’s “Hulk” script.

“Dear Mark Ruffles, calm dowm [sic]! I’m sure you have never read the Brazilian Constitution, but I can assure you it’s nothing like the complicated Hulk scripts you have to memorize: ‘AHGFRR’. Read it and you’ll find out I’m not only respecting it, but protecting Brazil’s rule of law,” Bolsonaro tweeted.

“By the way, the original Hulk was much cooler. He didn’t need a computer to look strong and actually understood something about nature,” the Brazilian president added. 

Bolsonaro and Biden met Thursday and discussed “U.S. support for Brazil’s OECD candidacy,” how to “facilitate sustainable development in the larger Amazon Basin to dramatically reduce deforestation, coordinate closely at the UN Security Council over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and support democratic renewal,” according to a statement from the White House.

Biden agreed to demands issued by Bolsonaro out of concern he would not go to the Summit of the Americas, three of Bolsonaro’s cabinet members reportedly told The Associated Press. (RELATED: REPORT: Biden Submitted To Orders From Brazilian President)

Bolsonaro told Biden he would go to the summit if Biden offered him a private meeting and didn’t bring up Brazil’s most contentious issues, the AP reported Tuesday, citing the three unnamed Brazilian cabinet members.