Los Angeles Warning Citizens About Follow-Home Robberies

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) warned residents Saturday about follow-home robberies amid a spike in crime.

The LAPD issued the community alert noting an “increase in violent street robberies” has also led to an “ongoing crime trend of follow-home robberies.”

“Suspects have been locating victims in Los Angeles, following them, and then committing the robberies as the victim arrives home or at their business,” the alert said.

The LAPD said that most victims are found in Melrose Avenue, the Jewelry District, nightclubs and high-end restaurants.

“The target of these robberies have been expensive jewelry, including watches and necklaces, as well as expensive purses,” the department said.

The department recommends individuals be keenly aware of their surroundings, “be cautious” when “displaying high value property,” and if robbed, “do not resist the robbery suspects; cooperate and comply with their demands. Be a good witness.” (RELATED: Los Angeles Gangs Are Prowling The City In Crews, Targeting And Robbing The Super Rich, Police Say)

One such incident occurred on May 15 when an unidentified victim returned home from a Hollywood restaurant around 2:11 a.m., and was attacked by five suspects. The victim resisted, leading to a gunfight in which the victim sustained “multiple gunshot wounds,” according to the LAPD.

Two UCLA students were followed home in West Los Angeles in March, and were assaulted and robbed of “two high-end watches and an iPhone, totaling $145,000.”

In a separate incident in January, two male victims left a Hollywood nightclub to pick up food when they were robbed of a “watch, jewelry, cash, and a purse,” the LAPD said.