UT Dallas Professor Under Investigation After Tweet Calling For A ‘Cure For Homosexuality’

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A University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) professor is under investigation after a tweet calling for a “cure for homosexuality,” the university said Monday.

 UTD said in a statement that the administration is “reviewing and investigating” complaints made against Timothy P. Farage, a professor at the Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. Farage deleted his Twitter account Monday, according to UTD’s student-run newspaper, The Mercury.

“As an interim measure, Jonsson School is opening up additional sections of fall classes taught by the professor to include at least one other professor to provide more options for students,” the school added. “This will help our students remain on track to complete their degree while learning in a safe environment for them”

“Can we at least try to find a cure for homosexuality, especially among men? Homosexual men have anal sex, which can lead to a variety of diseases. NYC reveals that 95% of the monkeypox patients in the Big Apple are men,” the since-deleted tweet said, according to The Mercury. The tweet linked to a Daily Mail article that supported the claim that 95% of monkeypox patients in New York were men. 

“My students love me and I love them. My sections fill up very quickly,” Farage told The Mercury in an interview. 

In a separate interview, Farage told WFAA that he does not have anything “against homosexuals” and that he was “just was suggesting we try to find a cure.” Farage also suggested that doctors look into testing fetuses for homosexuality, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Law Professor Accuses Sen. Hawley Of Being ‘Transphobic’ For Saying Only Women Get Pregnant)

Student and Pride at UTD member, Chase Mueller, told WFAA that he thinks that Farage should be fired and that the professor’s comments create an unsafe environment for LGBTQ students.

“This tweet has shown that students know he has a pattern of behavior in the classroom that makes people uncomfortable. That has been reported for years,” Mueller told WFAA.