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Veriheal Is on a Mission to Simplify and Streamline Healthcare Technology

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Due to heavy regulation by the U.S. government, medical cannabis has historically been difficult to access by those who truly need it—until now. In the five years since Sam Adetunji and Joshua Green co-founded Veriheal, a cannabis healthcare technology company focused on bridging the gap between patients and doctors, more Americans have gained access to the plant-based medicine than ever before.

Veriheal’s sole aim is to get cannabis into the hands of the people who need it most. The company does this by serving as an intermediary between patients and doctors, helping patients navigate the ever-changing red tape surrounding the industry, and providing educational resources that challenge the unfair stigma of cannabis use. This, indeed, shows the company’s determination to simplify and streamline needless and rigorous barriers that confront this part of the healthcare sector.

Veriheal’s proprietary telehealth platform provides patients and doctors a seamless experience by faciliating the entire medical cannabis recommendation process with user-friendly forms and scheduling software. Patients’ medical data is securely stored in compliance with HIPAA requirements, granting customers and their physicians peace of mind. Acknowledging the critical need for research in the cannabis field, Veriheal also anonymously compiles patient data to provide insight on the growing medical cannabis community.

This ambitious company has grown over 5,000% since its creation in 2017 and today stands as the largest facilitator of medical marijuana cards. Headquartered in Denver with employees worldwide, the Veriheal team has helped over a million people reap the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

In an effort to push the cannabis industry to new heights, Veriheal also gives back via donations to various cannabis and healthcare charities, community service, and its annual Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship for students. The expanded access to medical cannabis and science-backed education enabled by Veriheal are indeed phenomenal efforts that will create a lasting impact on global healthcare.

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