WARNING GRAPHIC: Dancer Gets Crushed By Video Monitor While On Stage


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A large hanging video monitor fell and crushed a dancer at a Mirror show Thursday in Hong Kong, according to graphic footage posted on social media.

The incident was captured in a gruesome video by a fan at the concert and subsequently shared to social media, TMZ reported. The video shows the members of the boy band Mirror dancing with their professional team as huge screens projected the show throughout the concert venue.

An enormous screen suddenly falls onto one of the dancers, the footage showed. Up to three people were reported injured as a result of the screen falling, according to TMZ, which cited local reports.


The incident took place at the Hong Kong Coliseum, where fans had gathered in droves to see the boy band, according to the South China Morning Post. Attendees had to stand in line for hours Monday night to have their identities and their contact-tracing app verified for that night’s show, the outlet noted. (RELATED: WARNING GRAPHIC: Watch The Moment A Shark Bites Off A Man’s Finger)

It was not the first incident during Mirror’s concert series at the venue, according to another article from the SCMP. Band member Frankie Chan Sui-fai fell off the edge of the stage during Tuesday night’s show, the outlet reported.