Mormon Mom Claims Her OnlyFans Rakes In $37,000 Per Month


Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A mother of four and member of Jesus Christ Church of Latterday Saints claimed that she hauls in $37,000 per month from her OnlyFans.

The model, 39-year-old Oregon resident Holly Jane, allegedly left her full-time job in recruiting to chase her aspirations in sex work, according to Huffington Post. (RELATED: A Mormon Polygamist Allegedly Ran A $500 Million Scam. Here’s How)

“I’ve always had this desire, which dates back to when I was a little girl, where I would long to be doing Playboy,” she told Jam Press, the New York Post reported.

Jane got into nude modeling shortly after her husband passed from an unnamed illness when she was 31, she wrote in the Huffington Post. She began her career by uploading videos of her masturbating on a porn site, she wrote.

Jane does not believe that sharing promiscuous photos with men makes her a bad Christian, the New York Post noted.

“OnlyFans is different from porn as these men feel like they have a relationship with you,” she said, according to New York Post. “So if they want a little bit of me, I don’t mind doing that. Especially if I’m getting paid.”

Jane reconciles her faith with the adult entertainment industry by arguing that sex-work condemnation was misinterpreted by church elders, she declared.

“I never felt like I was the problem. I thought everyone else in my community just needed to catch up with the times,” she penned. “I believe that God wants us to be proud of our bodies and comfortable with sexuality. I believe that church leaders have decided this is wrong― not God ―and I do not believe I need to choose between doing something I love and continuing as a member of the Mormon Church.”