HART: Anthony Fauci, Godfather Of Lockdowns, Finally Resigns!

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Ron Hart Contributor
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Dr. Anthony Fauci finally decided to retire at age 80-plus. It gives Biden time to replace him with a less lethal subvariant bureaucrat.

He says he would like to retire now (with his $350k annual government pension) in order to spend more time imposing confusing, contradictory and inane restrictions on his family. And he will avoid being called before Congress when the GOP takes control in January after the November midterms, so he won’t be held accountable for his reign as head of the Administrative State’s response to COVID.

Fauci has what all lifelong Washington Democrat Deep-Staters want: world-wide hysteria over something unknown and a blank check from the U.S. government to manage it. Then, no matter the outcome, they can proclaim themselves “heroes.” 

Fauci leaves behind a legacy of destruction, bankrupt businesses, under-educated children, empowered teachers’ unions, arrogance and incompetence. Most damaging, he has undermined confidence in our public health agencies at a time when we need to trust them.

Media and government hysteria surrounded COVID coverage. The only folks not affected were the Amish, since they don’t have TV. Each variant was supposed to be worse and scarier than the previous one. Fauci seemed to warn us, “You think that variant was bad, the next one plays the harmonica and is racist!”

From the beginning, both he and our government were wrong. “Do not wear facemasks,” they said – and then they said we must. Most egregiously, they lied about the origins of COVID, trying to protect their central command-and-control brethren in China. 

Fauci lost me when he said the Wuhan lab was not involved and that the virus came from a bat in a “wet” market nearby. Fauci pushed that story while downplaying his involvement in funding the Wuhan lab. I have said for years that there is no way the only Level 4 bio lab in China (in a city of 11 million in a country of 1.5 billion) is not, in some way, the source of the COVID-19 virus. Wuhan’s population is seven-tenths of 1 percent of the population of China. The outbreak “just happened” there, near their bio lab, and the first people to get it worked at that lab, and they disappeared? 

Senator Rand Paul, MD, courageously took on Dr. Fauci and the Deep State over the confusing – and often wrong – advice they have dictated during COVID. Fauci was evasive when questioned on Pfizer and NIH entanglements. With recurring COVID boosters though, Fauci does understand the big-state health care motto: “A recovered patient is a lost customer.” I keep trying to “follow the science” here, but it keeps leading me back to the money.

Fauci had four COVID shots and still got it – twice – which is why, per his logic, we all need more Pfizer shots. And when Fauci got COVID, even though mild, just to be on the safe side he shut down all schools and businesses in his neighborhood. 

When I was working in D.C. and going to school at Georgetown U. for a minute, Washington D.C. was called “Hollywood for ugly people.” I wonder what Fauci will do for attention now. To get back on CNN and PMS-NBC, perhaps he would do well to reinvent himself as a newly transgendered, multi-racial Ukrainian who witnessed January 6th and knows what documents were seized at Mar-a-Lago.  Or maybe Stormy Daniels needs a doctor now. I bet she has had a lot of viruses. 

I took the vaccine, but when I asked my doctor when she thought COVID would end, she said, “I am just a doctor, I don’t follow politics.”

A friend said, “No one who did not take the vaccine now regrets it. I am not sure those who did get the shots could say the same.” It was a good test of just how much heavy-handed government could make Americans do. Celebs fell in line with leftist groupthink, lending their songs and voices to unquestioning Administrative State compliance. Because it is cool, independent thinking is passé. Unquestioning, blind obedience to big Democrat government is so “the in thing” right now. 

The government might want to put Fauci on the big issue, inflation. Instead of Coronavirus, they need to cure the Car Owner Virus. To reduce gas prices, Fauci would likely ask us not to drive for two weeks in order to flatten the oil spike curve. 

Finally, COVID infected Hillary Clinton but, oddly, not Bill. Big mistake for the virus. My thoughts and prayers go out to friends, family and business associates with COVID. 

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron is a frequent guest on CNN and Fox. He can be contacted at Ron@RonaldHart.com or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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