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How to Be Known: Social Selling with Dennis Koutoudis

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For many small businesses, the hardest thing is finding the people to do business with.

The common refrain is: Nobody knows me.

That’s why social selling is so important. According to LinkedIn Sales Solutions’ data, companies that are in the front row of social selling make 45 percent more sales.

Think of Google search results: the 2nd result gets 50 percent less traffic than the top result. Social selling and sales are the same. In fact, 78 percent of companies that use social selling outsell their competitors.

Because networking and our relationships have moved online, it’s important to go where the conversations are happening. Either to join in, or to start them.

That’s the speciality of Dennis Koutoudis.

As a Social Selling Expert, Koutoudis gives businesses opportunities to connect with new audiences on social media. He identifies where these potential customers are already having digital conversations; using social attraction tools and strategies, he helps these companies attain greater market share.

Originally from Athens, his company, LinkedSuperPowers, now has its base of operations in Dubai. (You’ll know Koutoudis because he virtually always wears a vest.) He’s globally recognised as a social media expert, and has built his own audience to well over 4 million followers.

He and his team are trusted names in social media marketing. (They focus on LinkedIn, but also have dominated Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms for their business clients.)

Koutoudis and his wife and business partner, Emily Pappas, have been featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNN, CBS, Huffpost, Nasdaq, LA Weekly, Entrepreneur and many other international publications. To date, they have reached millions of people, and influenced or directly helped thousands of companies accomplish their unique professional goals through their vast expertise and knowledge of social media marketing.

In addition to being #1 international bestselling authors, this year, their faces were seen over Times Square. Their global reach matches their more than 20 years of experience in social media.

Dennis is also the creator of ‘The Ask Dennis Show’, a live event that last year drew 18,000 attendees. This year, Koutoudis is more than doubling the audience, and will host 40,000 attendees.

Despite his success as a digital guide, part of the draw for clients of Koutoudis is his easy approach.

“The more known & famous you become,” he says, “the more humble you should be. At least, if you wish to stay at the top!”


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