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ANALYSIS: America Is Becoming More Like Saudi Arabia In One Unsettling Way

Bandar Algaloud/Courtesy of Saudi Royal Court/Handout via REUTERS

Sarah Weaver Staff Writer
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Billionaire Peter Thiel sounded the alarm on a disturbing trend in California that bears an uncanny resemblance to Saudi Arabia.

At the National Conservatism Conference in Miami last weekend, Thiel said that the “wokeness” purveying America’s institutions and government was much like Saudi Arabia’s dominant religion of Wahhabism. Thiel believes that America is falling prey to the “tech curse” that first enveloped California. California, in other words, has become a victim of its own success. (RELATED: ‘Public Safety In Chicago Is A Joke,’ Chicago Democrat Says)

“If you have a country with an enormous gusher of wealth it often leads to sort of extraordinary social and political misgovernance. And basically the nutshell version of it is we should think of tech as the oil of the 21st century,” the billionaire said.

The surplus of wealth in places like California grabbed the attention of the worst people, Thiel says, as they all tried to grab a piece of the cake, so to speak. The political system then comes to rely on the dominant “religion” of these individuals, and while only “maybe 20%” believe in the system, everyone feels they must acquiesce to its precepts.

Thiel even cooled the hopes of some Republicans in states like Texas and Florida, which frustrated Californians have been flocking towards in a seeming vindication of GOP policies. Housing prices in cities like Austin and Miami reveal that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis don’t have a substantive vision for maintaining prosperity either. (RELATED: THE NEW RIGHT? National Conservatives Are Looking To Remake The GOP)

“These massive gains in GDP that came from the tech industry, from the only game in town, and then that got re-routed into extremely corrupt, dysfunctional government on the one hand and into various quasi-governmental real-estate rackets on the other,” Thiel said.

Just as an example, you got paid 53% more as a government worker in California than if you are a private sector worker, Thiel says. The Hoover Institute backs this up, finding in February that California State Government workers earn on average $143,000 per year, compared to private sector workers who earn an average of $71,000 per year.

The recent exodus of companies like Tesla and Oracle from California indicates that sometimes misgovernance can get so bad that the source of it leaves. Thus, the “tech curse” is lifted, but until significant damage is done.

“We’re not as bad as Equatorial Guinea, and you should think of it as basically roughly on par with Saudi Arabia,” Thiel said.

Thiel’s point, that woke policies favored by the Left are wildly out of favor with the average American, is backed by the polls. For instance, the sorts of critical race theory policies pushed by Leftist school boards and teacher unions are unpopular with Americans polled by Parents Defending Education. A full 70% of American voters believed it was not important to “teach students that their race is the most important thing about them.” Eighty-seven percent agreed that teachers should present a wide variety of opinions in the classroom, and 74% were opposed to teaching students that white people were interently the oppressors and minorities inherently the oppressed. (RELATED: ‘Stochastic Terrorism’ Is The Newest Way The Left Plans To Censor Dissent)

American voters also show considerable dissatisfaction with the transgender movement pushed by the most woke corners of the Left. The Democrat slogan of “Protect Trans Kids,” used to justify surgical and hormonal sex change on minors is farther to the Left than most Americans by a long shot. Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said legislation banning schools from discussing adult sexual issues with children was “discriminatory” and called sex reassignment surgeries for children, “life-saving.” But a Summit poll found that this position is opposed by a sweeping majority of Americans, as 90% of likely American voters opposed sex change surgeries for minors, and 72% oppose gender curriculum in public schools.

In fact, Democrats’ newest midterm strategy, to paint so-called “MAGA Republicans” as dangerous threats to democracy is backfiring, as a recent poll showed that despite President Biden’s speech claiming just this, American voters believe Biden’s rhetoric fanned the fuels of division. Once again, Democrats are championing a vision for America with which its own voters disagree.

This is what Thiel meant when he said America was becoming more like Saudi Arabia—it doesn’t matter if the American voter disagrees with the majority of the far-Left agenda. Leftists, swimming in cash and technological advancements, can afford to be out of touch. They can ignore the American voter and still finance their woke agenda.