Troubled Former NFL Star Allegedly Loses It While Naked in Dubai Pool. When Will People Have Enough?

Screenshot/Twitter/Public — User:@wavechaser2024

Seth Roy Contributor
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Antonio Brown has done something really stupid, again.

A video surfaced the internet Saturday reportedly showing the Super Bowl champion acting chaotic while naked in a pool in Dubai. He is allegedly seen sticking his buttocks in the face of a blonde woman and body slamming her.

By shoving his private parts in the female’s face, pulling her scarf over her face, and body-slamming her under water without any clothing on, there’s a case to be made that Brown sexually assaulted the woman. With that said, chaotic behavior by him continues to occur.

Brown infamously took his Buccaneers’ shoulder pads and jersey off in the middle of a game against the New York Jets last season and quit. He chucked up the peace sign in the Jets’ end-zone and was cut from Tampa Bay’s squad immediately. Before Brown left the Buccaneers, he was also cut by the New England Patriots after just one game after he was accused by multiple women of inappropriate sexual behavior and rape, according to the New York Times. (RELATED: The Fairway Cigarette And Its Enemies)

The football-star-turned-rapper is out of control and a menace to society. For anyone, let alone a Super Bowl champion, to act this way, is preposterous.

As if his football career wasn’t already dead, this all but makes it a sure thing.