Shirtless Man Has Marriage Proposal Brutally Rejected During NHL Game


Seth Roy Contributor
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An NHL fan had his heart broken Thursday after his wedding proposal was brutally rejected during a New York Islanders game.

When the kiss cam turned to him, the fan took off his shirt revealing writing on his chest that read “PLZ SAY YES YES YES,” according to NHL.com Senior Writer, Dan Rosen. The fan then got down on one knee to propose. The man was left awkwardly hanging by the woman as she emphatically told him no and walked away.

What a demoralizing denial. To be rejected in front of thousands of people like that had to have been a major blow to his ego.

Proposing in a jam-packed arena is risky business. In the video you can even hear the crowd chanting to “just say no.” Had he have just kept his shirt on and done this in any other setting than in front of a massive New York crowd, maybe it would have ended up differently. (RELATED: REPORT: NFL Fines Tom Brady $11,000)

At the same time, it’s possible that the relationship was just never meant to be. The Florida Panthers happened to score a goal shortly after she jolted off, according to Rosen. That put a bow on the moment.

Hopefully the man will think twice before proposing shirtless during a sporting event next time.