BEHRENS: Joe Biden Thinks You’re Too Dumb To Notice His Saudi Collusion Is No Energy Solution

Bandar Algaloud/Courtesy of Saudi Royal Court/Handout via REUTERS

Larry Behrens Contributor
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The sad reality is Joe Biden fully supports an “America Last” energy policy, but even worse, he believes struggling families are too dumb to notice it.

Here are the cliff notes:  shelling out money for record prices at the pump. Inflation at a 40-year high and is busting budgets all over the country. Soon, we’ll pay roughly $931 – nearly 30 percent more – to heat our homes with natural gas this winter than last year. This is the economy Biden calls “strong as hell.”

It wasn’t always this way. For a little perspective, let’s rewind the clock to the same time just three years ago: October 2019. Gasoline was at $2.72 a gallon, inflation hovered at 1.8 percent and that same home heating bill was just over $500 for the whole winter – or 50 percent cheaper. Again, all of this was just three years ago.

No matter what the White House wants to spin, we are paying the costs of a man-made energy crisis and the man that made it is Joe Biden. The American people know it, but Joe and the dems truly believe we can’t figure it out. That’s why he tried to manipulate the price at the pump just long enough to get through the election.

President Biden’s collusion with Saudi Arabia over gas prices is just the latest example of his insult to our intelligence.

Not long after OPEC+ nations decided to cut production to capitalize on Biden’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) drainage, the President decided he would try and talk tough about the Saudis. However, showing the forethought that has become the hallmark of his Presidency, Biden either didn’t think the Saudis would out his deception, or maybe he just overall forgot.

Either way, Saudi Arabia revealed Biden worked behind the scenes to delay the production cut and lower prices, but only until the midterm elections. Afterwards, just as with the SPR, American consumers would then get smacked with price hikes conveniently right after a Democratic victory — and they would blame everyone but their policies. And Americans were supposed to thank him for it.

Read that again: the American President colluded with a foreign power to manipulate gas prices paid by our families to maintain power. In other words … for political purposes.

Spoiler alert: Saudi Arabia didn’t honor the deceptive request, despite Biden famously traveling to the Kingdom and sharing an awkward fist-bump with the Prince he formerly called a pariah. Add Saudi Arabia to the list of nations that no longer respect the United States, as Biden’s “Fist Bump of Failure” demonstrates.

Imagine for a moment the reaction if Donald Trump secretly tried to get Saudi Arabia to increase production to cover failed policies before an election. The media would corner every Republican running, from Congress all the way down to dog catcher, demanding their reactions to this collusion. It would be the top question in nearly every debate, Liz Cheney would demand immediate hearings and Adam Schiff would be a mainstay on CNN roundtables. In fact, the outrage would be so off-the-charts that networks might actually consider rehiring Brian Stelter. Yet, Democrats on the ballot are safe from having to answer for their blind allegiance to Biden’s failures. Secondly, not only did Joe Biden try to collude over the price of gasoline, but he now has the audacity to deflect blame for the spike.

As Biden bumbles his way across the world stage, there is a larger problem for American families. The Biden Administration will drain the SPR, beg Saudi Arabia and negotiate with dictators to increase the world oil supply. This proves Biden at least grasps the concept of supply and demand, but the question remains: why would Biden rather talk to a Venezuelan dictator instead of a West Texas rig worker?

Joe Biden will go, hat in hand, across the world for more oil, but not here at home. He doesn’t hide this fact because he believes you’re too dumb to see the failure and fall for his “solutions.”

Since day one President Biden has fully embraced an “America Last” energy policy. From the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline to leasing the fewest number of acres for oil and gas development since Harry Truman – he continues shunning American energy workers and every family struggling between paying to eat or paying to heat.

This unprecedented erosion of the American energy industry and economy should carry severe political consequences, because if it doesn’t…imagine what he has in store next.

Larry Behrens is the Communications Director for Power The Future, a non-profit that advocates for America’s energy workers. You can find him on Twitter @larrybehrens or you can email him: larry@powerthefuture.com.

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