Airliner With Greatest Social Media In History Of Universe Roasts The Hell Out Of British PM


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The cheapest airline in the universe, RyanAir, roasted the absolute heck out of failed British Prime Minister Liz Truss after her cringe resignation, Thursday.

On Thursday morning, upon learning of Truss’s pathetic resignation after about 10 minutes (okay, 44 days) of running Britain, the socials team posted a fake boarding pass with her name on it, flying from London’s Gatwick Airport to literally anywhere. “FINAL CALL for departing flight PM1922 now boarding at Gate 10,” the airline shared in another post, retweeting an image from outside 10 Downing Street.

RyanAir has a reputation for being the fratboy flight provider to Eurotrash and guests, offering some flights for the same cost as a Starbucks latte and sandwich. One time it literally cost me more to park a van at an airport than it did to fly to southern France. Regardless of its low-budget reputation, RyanAir’s social media team is beyond the best in the history of the field, and every single business should employ their strategy universally.

Fun fact: despite their cabins mostly smelling like leftover vomit from Ibiza, RyanAir has never had a fatal crash and was named the world’s safest airline in 2018, according to Airport Technology. (RELATED: Dear Kay: My Kids Want To Be Professional Social Media Influencers. What Should I Do?)

Their socials team seriously DGAF about anyone or anything, and I absolutely love them for it. They don’t limit their roasting to just notable figures, but passengers too. One recently asked why they always sit people traveling together so far away from each other. The team responded, “to make new friends.”

If you have a few minutes today, I highly recommend scrolling through their entire Twitter feed. It will be time very well spent.